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Where Catchers Are Built

Who is Colorado Catchers?

Colorado Catchers is focused on providing coaching in the fundamentals of catching for youth baseball players.


As a coach and dad, I found that there are few opportunities for youth players to be properly educated in the fundamentals of catching. For those youth players who want to learn how to play the position, they should have the opportunity, especially considering the complexity of the position.


I have coached well over 100 players and have seen what a difference it makes when providing proper instruction. Hitting and pitching get a lion's share of the attention in baseball. Catchers need position specific instruction as much, or more, than the other positions on the field.


I am a member of the American Baseball Coaches Association as well as a "Coburn Certified Catching Coach".

Shouldn't your player, who is involved on every pitch in a game, get the adequate instruction for playing the position?

Let Colorado Catchers build your catcher today.

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Why Colorado


Rex Wilcox has had a passion for catching since playing the position. His playing days were cut very short due to knee injuries as a result of football (not catching). He completed both a Bachelor's degree in Sports Medicine and a Master's degree in Exercise Science and went on to work in minor league baseball as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach. Through his education and training he has gained greater insight into how to play the catching position.

He has trained both amateur and professional athletes over the years and personally gets the most out of working with kids.